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Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment 2018

Domestic Violence and Abuse Needs AssessmentDomestic violence and abuse is a complex and challenging social problem within families, which is largely hidden and underreported and disproportionately affects women and children as victims. Domestic abuse includes a range of abusive behaviours which can exist within an adult intimate relationship or within other relationships between adults (aged 16 years or more). Thus it includes sexual, emotional, psychological
and financial abuse as well as physical violence.

The 2018 needs assessment focuses on domestic abuse between adults in Swindon.  It also considers the negative impacts on children who experience its effects, even if these children are not the direct victims of the abuse.  The needs assessment presents data on the prevalence of domestic abuse in Swindon and the use related services.  It also contains an evidence review which examines the effectiveness of interventions.  The needs assessment reflects on the progress made against the recommendations from the 2014 needs assessments and also makes several new recommendations.


Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment 2014

The previous needs assessments from 2014 explored the impact on children, young people and adults of being exposed to domestic violence and abuse within their families or who are themselves within abusive teenage relationships.  The full report is available to download below and the two bulletins (impact on children & young people and impact on adults are available by emailing

The recommendations from 2014 informed the multi-agency Swindon and Wiltshire Strategy to Reduce Domestic Abuse 2015-17.

The Office for National Statistics has published an interactive excel-based data tool for domestic abuse statistics. It allows users to explore data for their police force area in more detail and compare with other areas


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