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Swindon’s Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) is a partnership established to ensure an integrated and collaborative approach to health social care across Swindon. The Board is responsible for producing the Swindon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). Click on the tiles below to read more about the current and future health and wellbeing and social care needs of Swindon’s population. 






Swindon Sexual and Reproductive Health strategy 2023-2026

Sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing are affected by both sexual behaviour and the wider determinants of health, including educational attainment, social, economic and environmental issues.  The Swindon Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2023-2026 and associated action plan provides a framework for partners to work together to plan and take appropriate actions to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the Swindon population.  The strategy has been published and is available to view or download

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Swindon Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2023-2033

The new Swindon Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2023-2033 has now been published.  It sets out the vision of working together with the people of Swindon to prioritise the prevention of ill health and focus on reducing health inequalities. It considers the wide and complex range of influences on a person’s health and wellbeing, and seeks to increase the time that residents spend in good health.  The three key priorities identified are: To improve mental

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Swindon community profiles

Health profiles for four communities in Swindon (Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani) are available in PDF format which can be viewed or downloaded from the Community Profiles page under ‘Profiles & Tools’.

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Swindon Tobacco Control Strategy 2023-2028

‘Achieving a smoke free society’, Swindon’s latest Tobacco Control Strategy 2023-2028 has now been published and is available to view or download from the  Health and Wellbeing Strategies page of the website.

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‘Dads at their Best’ service evaluation

The findings from a recent qualitative evaluation of the ‘Dads at their Best’ service has been published. ‘Dads at their Best’ (DATB) began in April 2022 and it provides intensive support to first time young fathers and young fathers-to-be within the Swindon area. The DATB programme is funded by Swindon Borough Council. The long-term vision of DATB is to: Provide a permanent, sustainable, and embedded specialist service for young fathers in Swindon that improves outcomes

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