Swindon JSNA

Swindon's Health and Wellbeing Board is a partnership established to ensure an integrated and collaborative approach to health and social care across Swindon. Read more about the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The Board is responsible for producing the Swindon Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the Swindon JSNA. Read more about the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The JSNA is a suite of documents that describes the current and future health and wellbeing and social care needs of Swindon's population. ***Work is currently underway to review and update the JSNA summaries for 2021/22.*** When available these will be published in the JSNA summary section of this website. Read more about the JSNA process.


Swindon's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 consultation now open

08 April 2022

The first draft of Swindon's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 has been approved for consultation by the Health and Wellbeing Board, and we are seeking people's views and comments on the draft PNA report.

We have designed a short survey to capture responses and this will help us write the final PNA. The survey can be completed here and the consultation deadline for responses is the 10 June 2022. 

Public Health annual report

16 November 2021

The purpose of this report is to provide insight into the health of people in Swindon. The 2020/21 report focuses on COVID-19 and the effect of this on local people’s health and wellbeing. It captures both the impact of COVID-19 in terms of numbers, but also the nature of response from the Public Health team and the wider council and other partners. 

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