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Swindon’s Whole Systems Approach to Healthy Weight strategy 2023-2033

Swindon faces a growing public health challenge with rising overweight and obesity rates, carrying potential negative consequences for individuals as well as families, and putting additional strain on local health and social care systems. Previous approaches addressing this complex issue have proven insufficient in changing trends. 

Swindon’s Whole Systems Approach to Healthy Weight strategy 2023-2033 acknowledges the wider determinants of health such as income equality, access to green space, the food environment, food costs and food preparation skills that create inequalities for individuals and communities trying to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Through a collaborative framework working across diverse sectors, it aims to create supportive environments to address these underlying factors contributing to obesity, where healthy eating and physical activity are the easy choice at every stage of life.

The strategy is available to view and download from the Health and Wellbeing Strategies page.