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Swindon’s population estimated to be 222,193

Office for National Statistics (ONS) produce annual mid-year estimates of the size of the national and sub-national population in the UK.  The latest figures were released on 6th May 2020. They are for mid-year 2019 and are down to local authority level.

They show that Swindon’s resident population has grown to 222,193.

This is up 197 from 2018 (221,996). This is an increase of just under 0.1% so very small for Swindon where +1% per year has been usual. England’s population grew by 0.5%. The growth in the year was the slowest since mid-2004.

For England overall, this was driven by the lowest number of births for 14 years alongside an increase in emigration and a fall in international immigration.

Swindon has 966 people per square km compared to 432 per square km in England overall.

The median age of Swindon residents is 40.1 years compared to 39.9 in England overall.