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‘Dads at their Best’ service evaluation

The findings from a recent qualitative evaluation of the ‘Dads at their Best’ service has been published. ‘Dads at their Best’ (DATB) began in April 2022 and it provides intensive support to first time young fathers and young fathers-to-be within the Swindon area. The DATB programme is funded by Swindon Borough Council. The long-term vision of DATB is to:

  • Provide a permanent, sustainable, and embedded specialist service for young fathers in Swindon that improves outcomes for young men, their children, and partners.
  • To increase professionals’ awareness of young fathers and their support needs, leading to better informed, inclusive, and equitable service provision in Swindon.

The report has highlighted positive outcomes for young fathers, children, and wider service provision as a result of the DATB programme. Further details on the evaluation, including the full findings and recommendations are found within the report. The qualitative study was led by Professor Carmen Clayton at Leeds Trinity University.

The full report can be found on the Research and Evaluations page.