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Population Estimates and Projections

Population Projections

The population of Swindon Borough is 220,363

This is the 2017 mid-year estimate from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which was released on 28th June 2018.  It replaces the previous figure for 2016 of 218,580.  For futher information on this data release visit the ONS website.  The ONS statistical release contains the interactive maps on population change and internal migration between local authorities that were previously shown on the population visualisation page on this website. 

Population Summary and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This document answers some common questions about the use of population estimates and projections for Swindon. E.g.:

The FAQs also contain some of the headline population figures for Swindon.  Additionally, a spreadsheet containing more detailed figures including some age, gender and ward breakdowns is also available to download below.

Population Projections: Council produced projections to 2036

Demographic projections play a critical part in helping the Council plan for population change. Every two years the Office for National Statistics produce a set of trend-based demographic projections for each local authority area, but these do not take local policy into account, for example, housing plans.

The aim of this work was to produce a set of demographic projections for Swindon that take the Council’s housing growth plans into account in an attempt to produce a projection that is more sensitive to the locality.

The report includes an explanation and analysis of the methodology used, summary figures, uncertainty and caveats for users. Detailed figures are provided in the Swindon population estimates and projections spreadsheet (see above).

For further information please contact: Carmel Burton, Head of Corporate Performance 

Census 2011 Demographic Profiles

The Census 2011 Profiles present intelligence about the shape, size and characteristics of our local population. The Profiles draw largely upon the results of Census 2011, but supplement this with data from other sources.

People, Population and Community data visualisations

Visit the ONS data visualisation website for visualisations in topics such as:

JSNA Annual Summary – Population section

The JSNA Annual Summary contains a section on Swindon’s population which can be accessed below. This summary page is only updated in March each year.

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