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Suicide Audit 2016


Suicide is a major issue for society and a leading cause of years of life lost.  In England one person dies every two hours as a result of suicide.  When someone dies by suicide, the effect on their family and friends is devastating and many others involved in providing support and care will feel the impact.  Suicides are not inevitable.  An inclusive society that avoids the marginalisation of individuals and which support people at times of personal crisis will help to prevent suicides.

In Swindon a suicide audit has been carried out regularly since 2009 and the findings used to review and update a local suicide prevention strategy.  This work is overseen by the Suicide and Self Harm Prevention Group, chaired by Public Health which reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board.  Safeguarding issues are reported to the Adult Safeguarding Board through the Chair of the Suicide Prevention Group who represents the Director of Public Health on the Adult Safeguarding Board. Suicides of those under 18 are reviewed through the Wiltshire and Swindon Child Death Overview Panel.  There are also links to the AWP Suicide Prevention Group, Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat Group, Perinatal Mental Health Group and Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Strategy Steering Group.

The 2016 Suicide Audit makes a series of recommendations which have been informed by the audit findings and build on the work undertaken to-date in Swindon.  An overarching recommendation is to continue to improve the mental health of the population of Swindon as a whole and to ensure access to high quality mental health services for all those who require them, and particularly those with a history of self-harm and/or recorded suicide intent.



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