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Public Health England tools

Public Health England (PHE) has a range of useful data and intelligence tools.  The PHE data tools and analysis gateway lists them all but some of the most useful are described below.

Many are based on the Fingertips platform such as the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) which presents data in four domains that cover the range of public health and contribute to the achievement of two high-level indicators on life expectancy and healthy life expectancy and inequalities.  This data tool presents data for the indicators in the framework for the most recent period available and accompanying trend data where possible. Inequalities data are provided where these are available.

PHOF tool

There are a suite of supporting tools/profiles for various population groups or topic areas, these include:

Child and Maternal Health

General Practice (GP) Profiles

Health Protection

Learning Disability Profiles

Mental Health Dementia and Neurology

Older People's Health and Wellbeing

Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles

In addition to the Fingertips tools there is also:

Local Health which provides health information at a small area level (local authorities, electoral wards, MSOAs etc) in maps and reports.

The Segment tool which provides information on life expectancy and the causes of death that are driving inequalities in life expectancy at national, regional and local area levels. The tool allows users to view the breakdown of the life expectancy gap both within areas, and between a local authority and England as a whole. The tool is provided in an easy to use Excel workbook and a PDF profile.

The Atlases of Variation which are a series of compendiums and themed atlases highlighting variation in service provision and disease incidence nationally by looking at local authority, CCG and Hospital data.

The SHAPE (Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation) tool which is a web-based GIS tool linking national datasets for clinical analysis, public health, primary care and demographic data with estates performance and facilities location.



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