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Indices of Deprivation

IMD summary infoIntroduction

The English Indices of Deprivation 2015 (ID 2015) were published on 30 September 2015 and provide data on relative deprivation for small areas in Swindon and nationally.

On behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Board, the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Steering Group commissioned a series of reports and resources based on the ID 2015. The analysis examined both Swindon and small area deprivation and looked at the distribution of deprivation and trends over time.

The next version of the Indices (2018) is due for publication later in 2019.

Analysis and results

The Research report details the in-depth analysis that has been carried out whilst the Summary report provides an 8-page synopsis containing the key findings and issues for further consideration.

Interactive tools (Tableau)

The data for Swindon has been uploaded to Tableau which is an interactive tool allowing users to explore the data by customising the charts and tables on display. 

This is the first time Tableau has been used to present data on the Swindon JSNA website and this approach is currently under further development.  Feedback on the usefulness of presenting data via Tableau is welcomed.

Ward packs

Eight-page analysis packs have been produced for each electoral ward in Swindon containing the data for each LSOA within the ward and bespoke analysis identifying one or two key issues arising from the data.  The ward packs are available from the page below.

Click here to access Ward packs


This one-page infographic explains the key features of the ID 2015 and how they should be used in Swindon:

Excel files containing cut-down versions of the data files for Swindon and Shrivenham only have been prepared and are available to download below:

General Practice summaries for the IMD, IDACI and IDAOPI have been produced by Public Health England and are available to download below:

Maps of Swindon have been produced showing the deprivation by LSOA with ward boundaries overlaid, for the IMD, each domain and the IDACI and IDAOPI.

A reference file containing the list of local LSOA names and a look-up between LSOAs and Wards is provided below:

Further information

Further information about the ID 2015 can also be found on the GOV.UK website including a summary infographic (2Mb).

The initial ID 2015 briefing for Swindon produced in October 2015 is provided below for reference:

Please contact Tom Frost ( / 07884 733175) for further information.


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