Oral Health in Swindon

06 March 2017

Oral health is integral to general health and should not be considered in isolation, as many of the key factors that lead to poor oral health are risk factors for other diseases and conditions including obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

The 2016 Oral Health JSNA describes how oral diseases affect the Swindon population. It found that oral diseases are largely preventable but are still very common. Significant improvements in oral health have been made, however, many adults and children still suffer from pain and discomfort in their mouth. Some population groups are more likely to develop oral diseases, including older people, people living with learning disability; people living in poverty, people with lifestyle issues and those who are dependent on others for support.

The Oral Health JSNA was used to develop the Swindon Oral Health Strategy 2016-2021.  The Strategy set of the vision for oral health in Swindon along with five priotity outcomes, two strategic targets and three indicators for success.

The JSNA and Strategy are available to download from the Oral Health page.

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