Swindon Diabetes JSNA

06 March 2017

Diabetes causes high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Over time this can lead to problems such as heart disease, blindness and foot ulcers. Good blood sugar control can reduce the chances of getting these problems and the need for health and social care.

12,924 people in Swindon had diabetes in 2015/16 (only includes people aged 17 years and over). Approximately 9 in 10 of these will have type 2 diabetes. 18,535 people are thought to be at high risk of getting diabetes.

The Diabetes JSNA gives health facts about people with diabetes or people who might get diabetes in Swindon. This helps us to plan for medical and social care in the future. It also helps us to think about how we can prevent diabetes.

Read the JSNA reports on the Diabetes Needs Assessment page.

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